Friday, April 24, 2009

Breaking News: LA Times at MN :: Obama Administration to make public Bush Era Detainee Photos...

I have been feeling very bad about the photos that I posted in the post below.....but they are concerning...especially the ones that show corpses with celebratory military, and the female medic. These photos are disturbing, disgusting and demonstrate the extent of the problem.... ( If you click the links in that post- there are worst photos). Thank the ACLU for all the work they do and are doing to get to the Truth....Click the Title to the LA Times article.
Snippet From LA Times Article:::
"The pictures show Americans' alleged abuse of prisoners in Iraq and Afghanistan. An ACLU lawyer says they prove that Abu Ghraib 'was not aberrational.'

"Reporting from Washington -- The Obama administration agreed late Thursday to release dozens of photographs depicting alleged abuse by U.S. personnel during the Bush administration of prisoners in Iraq and Afghanistan.At least 44 pictures will be released by May 28 -- making public for the first time images of what the military investigated as abuse that took place at facilities other than the Abu Ghraib prison in Iraq."
As of 5 PM it has been stated that approximately 2000 photos from 400 cases will be made public, this is due to the FOIA request made by ACLU.


Annette said...

I was going to post this Bob Gates is putting these out from the DOD.. so everyone can see it wasn't just at one place it happened it was all over.. Shut the damn republicans up and get them off the airwaves saying it was still just a few that caused it. Cause they are still trying to pull that crap. I am so tired of that.
It was systemic.. and most of it was from the contractors Bush put in the prisons not our soldiers, but there were a few of the soldiers who were led astray by those contractors, they were young, they were told by their superior officers it was ok and were shown how to do it by the Blackwater creeps who were doing it because they loved it. I feel sorry for them. But it was just a few, and only one is still sitting in prison for it. I need to pull my old post up about him and repost it..

Unknown said...

This is why I give ACLU the big bucks.

Most awesome, thanks for reporting, Enigma!