Sunday, June 21, 2009

2 Men Chased and arrested in an alley, haunting....and so worrisome.

These two men appear to have been chased into the alley and then they hid behind the car, and there is this weird interaction of the Forces- they don't' speak much to each other, and I wonder if there is a Language barrier, and then they drag these two poor souls out and they for some reason shove a shoe in the one guy's mouth. And then there are the two people filming - very brave, whispering, a girl and guy, and then there are noises close by, like apartments getting raided, so it is amazing that this video made it out.

I worry about these people...being chased and hunted down and arrested...for what, Because they Questioned the Election Results??? This is what a Dictatorship looks like...Tyranny.

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