Saturday, June 27, 2009

Many Tributes to Iran tonight and all slideshow: "The Sea of Green"... Tribute to the Courage of the People of Iran...

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**{{ Please note this is my first slideshow with music...very rough.....the song is called the March of Destiny...The photos are from Flickr and Twitter ...the People and their cellphones telling their story...I could not find a Candle Light Ceremony near this was my silent tribute...namaste...)
Beautiful Candlelight Street Vigil , Not sure where this was held- 6.22.09 uploaded to Youtube today:

Beautiful Illegal Candlelight Ceremony held outside Tehran University posted 6.26.09 really amazing....the Universities are closed now....and who knows how many died there and are so sad...and so brave they honored them,...
Joan Baez sings "We Shall Overcome" and sings part of it in Farsi...very quietly done...looks like it is in her kitchen a private concert....
Beautiful Video families, men and women and children setting off Green balloons on a Beach in Dubai to honor Iran... Share on Twitter...Below is the actual video:

And yes, a MJ Mash Up about Iran....( There are many on Twitter tonight, and some of the photos of MJ tribute In Europe people were green and green armbands...
(( Please note that these two posts were moved to the top so that people can find the Solidarity vigils. Again my comments are disabled at this time, but email me with photos or video if you want them shared or know or a rally that other readers might want to attend....thank you.

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