Saturday, June 27, 2009

Solidarity Rallies, Vigils, Silent Screams planned for today and this weekend.....

The Battle Within continues in Iran, many sources are still doing an amazing job despite the Media Blackout, and bloody crackdown of the government. This weekend there are Solidarity Rallies scheduled around the country and the world.. Please do click the Title to find one near you....and do read the Statement about Solidarity that the Mayor of California issued a few days ago it's in the comments.
"Imagine" with photos from around world ,

Not sure what a Silent Scream looks like ....beautiful.

Green Baloon Release in Tehran.....These were also held today...around the world...
Amazing Micheal Jackson Mash Up from Huffington post. I am working on one too....because it does have graphic is still poignant.
At this point due to hacking and hate mail comments are limited to my updates and you may email me your thoughts or if you wish to share....My apologies, after taking all proper security measures I am sure this will be temporary. My Update post Day 14 will be up later today, for continued coverage you may go to Huffingtonpost, Guardian, BBC, or CNN Online.
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enigma4ever said...

Mayor of LA about Solidarity::::
-- Solidarity. Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa, who is in Sacramento today, released a statement to be read at a demonstration happening tonight in in Sherman Oaks, Calif.

"At the height of political and social unrest thirty years ago, thousands of Iranians risked everything for the chance of freedom in a new land. When they had to choose where to make their homes, where to raise their families, and where to start their businesses, they chose Los Angeles. Because of their courage, our City is a stronger city, and home to hundreds of thousands of Iranians -- the largest concentration of Persians outside of Iran.

"You have all gathered here tonight in the same spirit that brought you and your families here thirty years ago. Because 7,000 miles away, people are dying for their right to representative democracy. Millions have taken to the streets of Tehran to make their voices heard. And we're here in Los Angeles tonight standing in solidarity with those courageous voices.

"What we've learned anew from this seminal moment in history is that the voices of freedom know no boundaries. Messages of hope have traveled the globe by Twitter and Facebook. Shouts from the rooftops of Tehran echo in our hearts.

"I'm sorry I could not join you tonight to see the crowd of people lining the streets of Los Angeles in support of freedom in Iran.

"But make the voice of Tehran-geles heard in Tehran. Let them know that they are not alone, that the world stands with them in their quest for freedom and justice and a better future for Iran and the world.

"Thank you."