Monday, June 15, 2009

LIVEBLOGGING the Uprising in Iran( Huffpost and Other resources): Nico Pitney of Huffpo is doing a great job

Pitney has lots of links and of 6PM President Obama is speaking of his Concern about this situation, read his blog for more, I will post his statement when I get it....
Anderson Cooper/360 has even more
Media Nation has more....
The Guardian is doing a good job covering the rallies and the Election Fallout. They also are reporting that 12 protesters have been shot.
Estimated that atleast 2 Million were at the Protests today
And don't forget to read the Juan Cole Post on this issue....welldone...
More here about the Propaganda in the Newspapers there Iranian Newspapers printing what they are told to print, all the more reason we should share the Stories from within
Video of support showing the photos of the Election and the Resulting Fallout....

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