Thursday, June 25, 2009

Good Morning, Day 13 Uprising Update being worked on.....will be up soon.

First a Quick Message. Have been dealing with two issues I need to share. For now while I am doing Uprising Coverage, I am asking that all Comments be emailed to me, due to security issues. It is a temporary measure.

I am still reporting on the Human Rights Aspect of this Situation. I try to provide updates while also providing resources that make the situation more clear. I do not have time to engage in Political Discussions at this time. And also since I have some Iranian friends who read this, I don't want them to feel unsupported at this time. And this blog is providing resources/updates to some other Journalists at this time, including Twitter updates, so I am leaving the thread open for that, so don't be surprised to see them in the Comment Thread, they are an important tool for covering this situation at this time and getting information to the media. A week ago, this was just a blog, but at this time it is providing a service on a different level, and I need to respect that change. That it is helping people Within be heard and their story told.

So please do email if you wish to share. Thank you.

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