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Sunday June 28th...Day 16 In Iran Uprising Updates

8 British Embassy Staffers have been "Detained" or "Arrested".
BBC states that they have been arrested"for their part in the post election "riots."
More from CNN Blograises more questions than answers.
TEHRAN, Iran (CNN) — Eight local staff members of the British embassy in Tehran have been arrested in connection with the country’s post-election unrest, Iran’s government-funded Press TV reported Sunday.Asked about the arrests of the local staffers, an official at the embassy would only say, “They couldn't’t come to the office today.” The person asked not to be identified because he is not authorized to speak publicly on the matter.The embassy’s official response was that it had seen the reports and were following up on them, a spokesman said.Meanwhile, the Foreign Office in London said it had recently “received a number of, sometimes confused, reports that British nationals or others with British connections have been detained. We continue to raise them with the Iranian authorities.”
A Foreign Office spokesman further added: “People with connection to the U.K. have been arrested all week.”
* ( I did check the TIMES -UK, and Guardian and The Independent to try to verify this information, but it was not online yet.
Campaign Center of Un-Named Presidential candidate seized ? read below
From Tonight at 3 AM
Voice of America::: More about it here
"A report published Saturday by the pro-government Fars news agency says police in Tehran seized a building that was operating as a campaign center for an unnamed presidential candidate. According to the report, police claim the building was being used as a "command center for psychological warfare against Iran's national security."
Opposition PLOT described in The Guardian Is very concerning, and worrisome. If Comrades have been "interrogated".
Snippet from The Guardian::
Jailed Iranian reformists have been tortured in an attempt to force them into TV "confessions" of a foreign-led plot against the Islamic regime, it was alleged today, as the country's guardian council buried hopes for any significant revision of the disputed presidential election.According to Iranian opposition websites, the "confessions" are aimed at implicating Mir Hossein Mousavi and Mehdi Karroubi, the defeated reformist candidates, in an alleged conspiracy.Mostafa Tajzadeh, Abdollah Ramezanzadeh and Mohsen Aminzadeh, all Mousavi supporters, are reported to have undergone "intensive interrogation" sessions in Tehran's Evin prison since Mahmoud Ahmadinejad's disputed re-election.

They are among several hundred activists, academics, journalists and students detained in a crackdown coinciding with the brutal suppression of street protests.Prisoners reportedly heard screams from Tajzadeh and Ramezanzadeh in Evin's section 209, which is reserved for political prisoners and is run by the hard line intelligence ministry. Aminzadeh, a former deputy foreign minister, was heard shouting: "I am not going to give interviews."

Amnesty International said the reports came from "very credible sources".

The guardian Council has declared there were no major violations in the vote, which it described as the "healthiest" since the 1979 Islamic Revolution. It had already rejected a call by Mousavi, for the election to be annulled because of suspected vote rigging.a senior cleric, Ayatollah Ahmad Khatami, told worshippers at Tehran University: "I want the judiciary to ... punish leading rioters firmly and without showing any mercy to teach everyone a lesson." Ominously, he used the term "mohareb" – "one who wages war against God" – a crime punishable by death.

Khatami's sermon, broadcast live on state TV, included accusations that the unrest was supported by Israel and the US, and that foreign journalists had reported falsely. He claimed Neda Agha Soltan, who became a symbol of the opposition when her death was caught on video, was a victim of protesters, not the security forces. "Government forces do not shoot at a lady standing in a side street," he said."
Women and the Vote , Tehran Bureau
Reza Azla's post in TIME about The spirit of 79 revolution.
4 PM ??? or 6 PM??? Tehran time the rally for the Martyrs Gobyl sq. who knows ?? Twitter was confused...and had both times...I guess I worry if the campaign ce
nter was seized yesterday, is the "legal" rally really legal ?
10 AM Update
According to CNN, Martyrs rally is to be held, at 10 AM ,( NO other source of confirmation) BBC and Guardian and NYT are no longer Liveblogging. ( and not other new reports from Independent or TIMES) ( Rally said to be legal ad to be held at 6PM).Which would be about now- 6 PM is Iran time). ( during night it was reported by Saeed on the CNN desk. So that is the only confirmation the rally is planned) See Comment Thread.
10:30 AMUpdate:::
CNN story on the Planned "legal" rally today ( will put in Comments)
Do read Nico Pitney's Huffington Post, he is still liveblogging it updating by the hour.
More being tweeted by Andrew Sullivan
NYT liveblog will be back on Monday. Guardian as well.
11:50 AM More news::
CNN just updated about the rally 17 minutes ago, confusing story still unfolding , but worth reading.
12 Noon ::
Video from today Remains unconfirmed and does not match the CNN report, ( will keep checking)
Translation of the video label here::
"June 28, 2009 Gathering of people protesting the election results - July 88 th to the mosque located within cassock Shariati Street"
Please note on the video, they are wearing Black, men and women, and I did not see any cellphones filming. They are chanting: " Today people were chanting "Where are you Beheshti? Mousavi's left all alone." & "Ya-Hossein Mir Hossein". They were chanting to the Deceased Martyr calling his name to help and protect Mousavi, and Mousavi was NOT present at this event. ( Leading to many questions as to his whereabouts , safety etc). But What they are chanting proves that this tape is authentic.Also The tape says location is Shariati Street ( tweet update below - says that is where riot vans are headed).

Very Brave People.....very.
June 28, 2009 12 :15 Tweet Analysis ( after following multiple threads):
Gathering of people protesting the election results - July 88 th to the mosque located within cassock Shariati Street .
Thousands were on the street estimates are 5-20,000 people, and Uncertain if the "Forces" recognize this as a Legal Gathering, There are motorcycles and tear gas. ( these tweets are following the events between 8-10 PM)

Latest Tweets Analysis as of 12:30 :::
"Riot vans are heading there."
MORE amazing footage from today:::
Footage with of Protesters at the Mosque

From Nico 's Blog:
2:14 PM ET -- More video reportedly from today. This incredible video shows Mehdi Karroubi, the other reformist candidate to run in the presidential election who has now allied himself with Mosuavi, marching along with the crowd.
2PM on CNN they ran this update:::

Be back later with more news. Email me, as comments remain disabled.

Enigma Comment:: This photo is Evin Prison where hundreds are being Held without charges, many arrested on the streets, many from their homes and now it has been confirmed that some have been removed from the hospitals. Many are students, activists, educators, and Journalists, and Wounded people. The Numbers range from 475 to Hundreds ( One EU Human Rights org estimated over 2000). Many are regular hardworking people that did nothing other than question WHAT happened to their Vote ? They are Now Imprisoned.

Please do write to the UN and Please do write to The International Red Cross and ask is there ANY way that the Status of those "Detained" and now Prisoners at Evin Prison can be Checked.Amnesty International and Human Rights Watch are already working on this issue as well.
Still calling to God on the Roof...Allah-o-Akbar..(thanks to nico for finding more).


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10 AM

I am now officially on vacation. Be back July 12. Follow @ragreenecnn for #iranelection news.
about 2 hours ago from TwitterFox
Here's the story about today's rally: #iranelection
about 3 hours ago from TwitterFox
He was an influential figure of the Revolution. So rally is for "the pious;" not (necessarily) for Moussavi supporters #iranelection
about 3 hours ago from TwitterFox
It's meant to commemorate "Shahid Beheshti," (real name: Mohammad Beheshti) killed June 28, '81 in a bombing #iranelection
about 3 hours ago from TwitterFox
Ceremony at 6p (9:30aET) at Ghoba mosque IS permitted (MORE) #iranelection
about 3 hours ago from TwitterFox

British Foreign Office confirms that local staffers of embassy in Tehran arrested #iranelection
about 3 hours ago from TwitterFox

Oops, meant Iran: Here's BBC now, the 3rd outlet in the past 24 hrs talking about how rallies are smaller #iranelection
about 4 hours ago from TwitterFox

Here's BBC now, the 3rd outlet in the past 24 hrs talking about demonstrations are smaller in Iraq #iranelection
about 4 hours ago from TwitterFox

To my friends in #Pakistan: Have you see the ad offering a 50-million rupee reward for Mehsud? Know where I can see a jpg or pdf of it?
about 5 hours ago from TwitterFox

Updated Wire on local British embassy staffers' arrests: #iranelection
about 5 hours ago from TwitterFox

Re: Iran arrests 8 local British Embassy staff. When asked, embassy said “They couldn’t come to the office today.” #iranelection
about 6 hours ago from TwitterFox

@iranonstrike Yes we talked about the rally earlier and the questions surrounding it
about 6 hours ago from TwitterFox

Here's the story of 8 local British Embassy staffers arrested: (we'll update link as we get new info) #iranelection
about 6 hours ago from TwitterFox

8 local British embassy staffers arrested in Tehran, acc. to govt. funded Press TV. #iranelection
about 6 hours ago from TwitterFox

Msg on Moussavi's FB page: "Legal" gathering Sun. Caveat: No way to verify authenticity. Also why would govt suddenly OK it? #iranelection
about 8 hours ago from TwitterFox

@TamelaJaeger Here's the link:
about 8 hours ago from TwitterFox in reply to TamelaJaeger

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( above is Saeeds page)

I am NOT on vaction- boy I wish.....

( he did CNN desk during nite)

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10 AM Rally info::
Iran’s government allows demonstration Sunday
Posted: 07:21 AM ET
TEHRAN, Iran (CNN) — Iran’s government will allow a demonstration at Tehran’s Ghoba mosque Sunday, CNN has confirmed.

The gathering is officially meant to honor Mohammad Beheshti, a hero of the 1979 Islamic Revolution who was killed in a bombing on this date in 1981.

6PM now should be rally

The demonstration comes after two weeks of protests against the official results of the June 12 presidential elections, which President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad won.


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10:30 CNN:::

enigma4ever said...

10:30 AM

(CNN) Part I -- Iran's government will allow a demonstration at Tehran's Ghoba mosque Sunday, CNN has confirmed. ( edited to fit in comment)

Supporters of opposition leader Mir Hossein Moussavi protest in the Turkish city of Ankara June 27.The gathering is officially meant to honor Mohammad Beheshti, a hero of the 1979 Islamic Revolution who was killed in a bombing on this date in 1981.

The demonstration comes after two weeks of protests against the official results of the June 12 presidential elections, which President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad won.

A post on a Web site associated with opposition leader Mir Hossein Moussavi urged people to go to the rally.

"There will be a gathering in 'Ghoba' Mosque and it's legal! Please send this message to everyone you can in Iran," says the post in Farsi and English, on a page which claims to be Moussavi's Facebook site.

CNN has not confirmed the site is run by Moussavi or his associates.

Iran's Supreme Leader, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, Sunday called for an end to street demonstrations. "I advise both sides not to provoke the emotions of the youth, not to stage people against one another," he said in a speech on government-funded Press TV.

"This integrated nation must not be split and a group must not be incited against one another."

Although it is allowing the demonstration -- intended for "the pious" -- Iran intensified its crackdown over the weekend, reportedly seizing wounded protesters from their hospital beds and arresting local British embassy staff in Tehran.

Eight local staff members at the embassy were detained for their role in the unrest, Iran's government-funded Press TV reported Sunday. The Foreign Office in London confirmed there had been arrests but would not say how many.

Amnesty International said Saturday that government-backed paramilitary forces are preventing doctors from getting names from wounded demonstrators or asking how they were hurt.

"The Basijis are waiting for them," said Banafsheh Akhlaghi, western regional director of the human rights group, referring to the government's paramilitary arm.

The clampdown comes as the deadline looms to file complaints against the results of the disputed election, which has prompted weeks of demonstrations.

Ahmadinejad won the disputed election by a margin of two to one over his nearest rival, according to official results. Defeated candidates Mir Hossein Moussavi and Mehdi Karrubi said the results were rigged, and their supporters have taken to the streets.

At least 17 protesters have been killed, according to official statistics, and the actual number may be higher.

enigma4ever said...

CNN Wire::

British embassy staff arrested in Iran, Foreign Office confirms
Posted: 06:41 AM ET
LONDON, England (CNN) — Local staff members of the British Embassy in Iran have been arrested, the Foreign Office in London told CNN Sunday, confirming earlier reports from Iran’s government-backed Press TV.

Press TV said eight staffers had been seized for their role in the unrest following the disputed presidential elections on June 12. The Foreign Office did not confirm the number of people held.

Last week, Tehran expelled two British diplomats. London responded by booting two Iranians.

Iran then recalled its ambassador to Britain, saying it would reconsider its diplomatic ties with the United Kingdom.

Withdrawing an ambassador is a very serious gesture in diplomatic circles.

The Iranian government has long accused other countries, especially Britain, of “meddling” in its affairs, but has offered no proof any outside forces have been involved in the unrest since the election.

On Wednesday, Iranian authorities said they had arrested several foreign nationals, some with British passports, for allegedly helping foment the disturbances.

enigma4ever said...

Thousands demonstrate silently in Tehran
Posted: 11:02 AM ET
TEHRAN, Iran (CNN) — About 5,000 protesters marched slowly and silently through Tehran Sunday, near a mosque where the government was allowing a demonstration for the first time in days, a CNN producer said.

enigma4ever said...

11:15 AM
Andy Sullivan tweeter..( his post has photo of Evin prison at the top page...very very sad.)::
Sunday is the anniversary of 7th. tir martyrs, there will be a gathering in "Ghoba" Mosque and its legal !
Not much news from Mousavi & Karoobi. People are perplex Once again chants of Allah-o-Akbar were heard all over Tehran and Iran.
persiankiwi is arrested.

there is no news from @persiankiwi
There is no news from MOhammadali Abtahi, Blogger & Reformist politician who was arrested last days.
There are bad news from Saeed Hajariyan, Reformist politician who was arrested last days.
Ali Mosleh, writer and film critic is arrested
There is no news from Somaye Tohidloo, Active civil & blogger who was arrested last days

There is no news from Ahmad Zeydabadi, journalist who was arrested last days

URGENT: Karoubi: I will only announce my representative if an independent team is formed.

URGENT: MirHossein Moussavi will NOT have any representatives in GC Speciall committee.
The name of the girl who was shot in Baharestan & died later in hospital is reportedly Sheler Khezri.
A Female Student Who Was Shoted, Named SHALIR 19yrs. Confirmed Dead.
Reports: More than 7,000 Protesters Siting on the Street Near Neda Was Shot Dead. Police Sourended Them (not conf.)