Saturday, June 20, 2009

To the Iranians, You Are Not Alone...We Hear You...and yes, the Whole World is Watching...

It is now 8 AM in Iraq....their Day of Destiny was indeed a horrendous day...and sadly we don't know how much Blood was shed, but we know it was unjust and brutal....and heartbreaking...that there are families there that are in pain and worried. I do not understand what kind of Leader would do such a thing to his people.The Baseji are evil but I am still praying that the other forces and police side with the People....We don't know what will happen next...But the battle is not has just begun.

Photo by Newgoya, much video from yesterday is posted below.
Friday Night we posted the video of the Rooftop Prayer....I am honor of NEDA...

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