Saturday, June 27, 2009

Really Amazing Videos Dedicated to Iran:::: And yes, they are Micheal Jackson Mashups....the First one is a Lesson in Humanity it will stun you..

Yes, it is a Micheal Jackson Mash Up Song Dedicated to Iran, "They Don't Care About Us"- tonight there are over a 100 of them on Youtube. ( atleast 20 with The Don't care about us", and more with Beat it). This one is particularly welldone, at the end of the video, 1 Basiji have been injured off his motorcycle, and the crowd takes care of them and gets him help...really really amazing to shows such humanity...Please watch....."They don't care about us" ( NOT graphic, no real violence in this video...intense ...but poignant).
"They Don't Care About Us'

Watch this video where the Protesters protect the riot police,
it also shows such humanity, they form a chain....

*( I learned tonight that MJ gave many concerts in the Middle East these past few years and even some in Iran to raise money for Children I think he would understand the Mash Ups being made....may he RIP.)

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