Friday, June 19, 2009

The Latest on the Uprising in Iran : Friday Day 7 June 19th,2009

Early this Morning in Iran at Tehran University the Supreme Leader spoke at Morning Prayers, and basically continued to Bless the Election results and blamed the US and UK for the current opposition sentiment. From the Transcripts I have seen he did not mention the murder of the stundents by the Baseji at the Dorms, or mention the students being held at the Interior.Susposedly Ahmadinejead was somewhere in the crowds.This article is from the Independent, and I will post more as I find it. As if last night at 3AM Mousavi supporters were not planning on attending these prayers, but there is a Rally planned for Saturday.That the Supreme Leader is supporting this Rigged Election and murder of students and civilians is very concerning. I encourage people to keep tuning in to Huffington Post Nico Pitney's Live Thread, The Guardian 's Live Thread, and Robert Fisk at the Independent, all links below.
Snippet from The Independent:::
"Ayatollah Ali Khamenei sided with hardline President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad and offered no concessions to the opposition. He effectively closed any chance for a new vote by calling the June 12 election an "absolute victory."The speech created a stark choice for candidate Mir Hossein Mousavi and his supporters: Drop their demands for a new vote or take to the streets again in blatant defiance of the man endowed with virtually limitless powers under Iran's constitution.Khamenei accused foreign media and Western countries of trying to create a political rift and stir up chaos in Iran."Some of our enemies in different parts of the world intended to depict this absolute victory, this definitive victory, as a doubtful victory," he said. "It is your victory. They cannot manipulate it."Khamenei said the 11 million votes that separated Ahmadinejad from his top opponent, Mousavi, were proof that fraud did not occur. Ahmadinejad watched the sermon from the front row. State television did not show Mousavi in attendance."
The Guardian is still liveblogging it, with video and updates.
Nico Pitney is still liveblogging it at Huffington Post
Translated version of the speech by the Supreme Leader 6.19.09 ( via twitter and the Guardian)
NYT reports Supreme Leaders speech and views it as a warning to the Youth and the Protesters . Supreme Leader said that the Country's Youth are spiritually misguided.
Juan Cole's latest post about the Mourning Rallies.....
Interesting article about the Factional Divide at the top in Iran...
More photos- NEW from the 6.18.09 Rallies
Rallies of Support planned around the country this weekend
revolutionary group puts the Number of those killed at 43.....
Human Rights Watch demanding investigation into the Protester's Deathes....
andrew sullivan live- twitting the uprising
New videos tonight of today's rally, from Voice of America
Petition asking the UN to investigate the Election and provide Election Monitoring in Iran.
Citizen Tube has been posting great videos....thank google that they are trying to help, with videos and translation services starting today...
12 Noon:::
BBC is fighting the Sattelite interferance.
7 PM Update ( going to Twitter):::
Time Photo Gallery -welldone.
Wallstreet Journal examines the Twitter effect on this situation.
Video from Day Of Mourning:::

For days now I have been forwarding messages, links, and photos, videos to The Guardian and Huffington Post ( and yes, much has been from twitter the past 2 days) I know many others have as well. I encourage people to keep doing this, as the Media Blackout continues, Online Sources will need to continue to need people digging at twitter ( that as of last night was still getting over 100,000 hits an hour).I will continue to update this post throughout the day, email me if you have updates. To those that have been sending updates I say thank you. To the "Sites Within" that I was using to get information and have now been shut down , I send my prayers for your safety.


Fran said...

Off topic: The CDC posted this weeks #'s

Last week
17,855 cases & 44 deaths

This week
21,449 cases & 87 deaths

3594 new cases in 1 weeks time & 43 additional deaths. These are confirmed stats for the US only.

Fran said...

As for Iran- these people protest at great risk, but then again they saw what happened to the US letting a madman steal an election.

It is encouraging to see all walks of life... many generations uniting for the shared cause.

I hope they are able to turn it around.
We desperately need some stability in the middle east.

tom said...

Well now they have been warned by the corrupt theocracy which was NEVER elected.
First they were told their votes counted
then their votes were not counted
they they were compated to soccer hooligans,
Now, well it seems that all hell is about to break out in Iran
I wonder if the Army will take on the militia and the revolutionary guards???
I wish them luck
Yes they can (perhaps...)

enigma4ever said...

There is one other angle that no one has dared whisper about...the armies, the military....the police....what if they do not support the Supreme Leader...what if....

What if they say NO.....

We all always look at that Tank Man photo...and we think How brave he was....

But the Tank Driver was brave too....he stopped a line of 17 tanks....

What if the soldiers are brave tomorrow and think of their families and loved ones on the street....????
what if....

They are strong brave people....
tomorrow is their day of Destiny....

I pray for them....