Monday, June 15, 2009

Huffpost has TWITTER Updates of Iran Crisis,(click title)

More Twitter Updates and Connections at the Mashable has more incoming from Iran.... Within the next 48 hours the Para Military attacks could get worse....

I encourage people to call MSM demand Coverage of this Uprising...the young people of Iran ( 70% of Iran's population is under 30) is using any means possible to get news out- litterally their lives are dependent on Twitter etc right now....Keep spreading their updates and video etc.
10PM Monday Eve Updates:::
The Iranians have issued Demands ( that sounds rather revolutionary don't you think ?), here are the demands,
10:09 PM ET -- The 7 demands......Do go read the Huffpost Updates on Nico Pinkey's Liveblogging::

7 point statement distributed among the protesters in Tehran today:

1. Dismissal of Khamenei for not being a fair leader
2. Dismissal of Ahmadinejad for his illegal acts
3. Temporary appointment of Ayatollah Montazeri as the Supreme Leader
4. Recognition of Mousavi as the President
5. Forming the Cabinet by Mousavi to prepare for revising the Constitution
6. unconditional and immediate release of all political prisoners
7. Dissolution of all organs of repression, public or secret

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